-“LIFE CHANGING! I have been visiting Cinthia for almost three years now. Initially I came to her office because I purchased a lifebooker deal and was curious about acupuncture. I was anxious, I was repressing a lot of stuff from my past, I was in an unhappy relationship, my mind-body connection was practically non-existant and my career wasn’t going anywhere. Within one session I knew that this was something I desperately needed in my life. Cinthia is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. She has used reiki, crystals, aromatherapy oils, cupping, and of course acupuncture to bring my body and mind back to health. She knows exactly what’s plaguing me before I even say it sometimes! Cinthia opens up and balances my chakras, and such positivity has flowed into my life due to that. I have never experienced energy work quite like this before, where I can honestly say that my life has changed because of it. My relationship with friends, family, and food are now healthy and balanced. I am in a VERY loving and healthy relationship. My career has never been better. I am the strongest I’ve ever been, from the inside out. I’m a new person. Pura healing has a warmth to it, an energy that just feels like I’m “home” from the second I enter the doorway. I go once a month, and each visit is so different from the last. The best investment I’ve ever made in myself! Thank you, Cinthia.”

-“I have now had 2 different soccer related injuries wherein I have called upon Cinthia for her help. Most recently, I was literally unable to move from my bed due intense spasms in my lower back. Couldn’t even roll over to my side or stomach from my back. Immediately after a session of both acupuncture and reiki, I noticed some significant relief. Just two days later, I was getting out of my bed and walking without any assistance at all.
We had a nice discussion about things that are going in my life and I got some profound and very sincere feedback from Cinthia.
The entire time she was very attentive and did everything to ensure I was as comfortable as possible, given the immense pain and discomfort I was experiencing.
I’d like to finish by saying I recommend Cinthia full heartedly and she will always be my first choice for natural healing, holistic medicine, and anything of this nature. You rock Cinthia!

Peace and love!”

-“I’ve been seeing Cinthia for 6 months now and feel the need to publically praise her truly amazing gift of healing. I came to Cinthia at one of the lowest points of my life, Depressed, Anxious and with an immune system that put me in bed from some illness every few weeks. From just one Reiki session my mood and energy improved enough so that I could return to work. I have since then continued with every other week acupuncture sessions and can honestly say it has changed my life in the best way. My mood and health is better than it’s been in five years thanks to Cinthia. I am sleeping through the night and haven’t gotten sick once since I started seeing her. I leave every session feeling relaxed and restored. I am so grateful I found her through yelp and highly recommend her to anyone struggling with emotional and/or physical issues they are unable to resolve on their own. You won’t regret it!!!”

 -“I had never done acupuncture before and had absolutely no intention of ever doing so, until my daughter started going to Cinthia for migraines and stress management, and had wonderful results. Now I see her for sinuses, back pain, and anxiety and she’s wonderful. My husband goes, too. Oh, and my massage therapist used to sniffle through many sessions, saw Cinthia just a few times, and now has almost no allergy symptoms.
AND she takes insurance!”
-“Cinthia is EVERYTHING!
First off this is way over due! I have been coming to Cinthia for a year now and am grateful everyday for her.  I came to her fed up about being sick all the time, stressed out, frustrated, with a various amount of health and emotional issues and I kid you not she has fixed me.  I have not felt as good as I feel in years and all thanks to her getting me back in order with a lot of Acupuncture and Reiki (which if you haven’t tried be open minded and give this a shot) she is so empathetic, knowledgeable, kind, sincere, just amazing overall.  I told her and I am telling you all she has changed my life in many positive ways.  Thank you Cinthia I will be coming to you for a lifetime I am sure of it :)”
“Cinthia is excellent! My friend turned me onto Reiki and referred me to Pura Healing and I’ve been back several times already since my first visit. Cinthia has been very essential and effective in my healing process. She’s assisted in alleviating some of my anxiety through energy work. She’s cleared my chakras and has given me sound intuitive answers to questions bothering me in my life, career, and relationships. I wish more people would believe and try this, it’s a journey you won’t regret, but you have to be open to what’s being offered to you through the power of reiki. Cinthia has the degrees, and experience to prove she can perform the job and give you results but her intuition is a gift and you can’t find that just anywhere. Every penny spent with Cinthia has been well spent.”