At Pura Healing we believe vibrant health stems from a deep connection between the mind, body, and spirit. By breaking through deep-seated behavioral and emotional patterns, identifying nutritional deficiencies, alleviating pain and stress, we begin to create balance in our lives. Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Yoga, and Herbal Medicine are some of the many, organic modalities in the healing arts that can assist you along this mysterious journey called life.


Cinthia’s journey in the healing arts began at the University of San Francisco where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her fascination with the mind and its correlation with health issues lead her to explore the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Through these practices, she began to understand that root causes of many health problems are produced by treating the body and mind as separate entities. Her interest in holistic healing led her to Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, Ca. She completed a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and furthered her Acupuncture knowledge in China at the Nanchang Hospital where she studied with the faculties’ leading practitioners. As a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California, Cinthia incorporates aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and nutritional counseling, in each treatment session.


“Often it is necessary to let go of the old stories, clear your mind, nourish your body, follow your heart, and the results will be peace of mind and a strong, healthy body. “ ~Cinthia Rivas L.Ac.

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  • ~ Negar S.

    "Cinthia Rivas is a true healer.  I have been seeing her for about a year and a half more multiple issues including TMJ. She is a skilled acupuncturist who takes the time necessary to work with her patients.  She and her magic needles also helped me during my training for a 1/2 marathon.  She has introduced me to other healing methods including Cupping and Reiki."

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