Errol F.

“I have now had 2 different soccer related injuries wherein I have called upon Cinthia for her help. Most recently, I was literally unable to move from my bed due intense spasms in my lower back. Couldn’t even roll over to my side or stomach from my back. Immediately after a session of both acupuncture and reiki, I noticed some significant relief. Just two days later, I was getting out of my bed and walking without any assistance at all.
We had a nice discussion about things that are going in my life and I got some profound and very sincere feedback from Cinthia.
The entire time she was very attentive and did everything to ensure I was as comfortable as possible, given the immense pain and discomfort I was experiencing.
I’d like to finish by saying I recommend Cinthia full heartedly and she will always be my first choice for natural healing, holistic medicine, and anything of this nature. You rock Cinthia!

Peace and love!”


Johnny B.

“Cinthia is absolutely amazing. She is incredibly nurturing, intuitive and truly cares about healing and her clients. She listens to all of your questions and concerns and your treatment is very fine-tuned for all of your individual needs – physically and emotionally. Each session is different and as a patient, you know that you are progressing yet always being challenged, learning that your own healing and personal growth will continue to benefit. Cinthia takes her time to make sure your session will be the most productive as possible, speaking with you before and after the actual needle time. I highly recommend Pura Healing to anyone with specific physical pain but more importantly (for me), anyone who truly wants to work on finding balance and serenity in their hearts and life.”


Lidia G.

“Amazing results , really worth every penny . You are worth it! Going to Pura Healing will ignite change for good within you and for you . A must for everyone! I love it period only wish is that I can go more often.

I have done both acupuncture and reiki with Cinthia and for each service I have had great results . I especially love the reiki it feels like a healing therapy session for me each time . I truly have my reiki sessions at Pura Healing to thank for changing my life.

If you don’t know about reiki google it but it is known to help with things like insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress and even accelerate healing for your body. First sessions are about 2 hours long maybe more and very therapeutic so be prepared for serious healing of mind, body and soul.”



“I’ve been going to Cinthia since she first started her practice. She has a wonderful bedside manner, ensuring to ask the right questions in order to fully understand her patients’ concerns & needs. She is knowledgeable about many forms of Eastern medicine & will make the proper recommendations based her evaluation at each visit. No two visits are ever the same. I always look forward to seeing her because I know that I will come out feeling great after she’s worked to balance my qì.

Highly recommend for those looking for a holistic approach to finding relief from whatever it is that is ailing you; physically, mentally, or emotionally.”


Lyric C.

“Cinthia is excellent! My friend turned me onto Reiki and referred me to Pura Healing and I’ve been back several times already since my first visit. Cinthia has been very essential and effective in my healing process. She’s assisted in alleviating some of my anxiety through energy work. She’s cleared my chakras and has given me sound intuitive answers to questions bothering me in my life, career, and relationships. I wish more people would believe and try this, it’s a journey you won’t regret, but you have to be open to what’s being offered to you through the power of reiki. Cinthia has the degrees, and experience to prove she can perform the job and give you results but her intuition is a gift and you can’t find that just anywhere. Every penny spent with Cinthia has been well spent.”


Amie D.

“LIFE CHANGING! I have been visiting Cinthia for almost three years now. Initially I came to her office because I purchased a lifebooker deal and was curious about acupuncture. I was anxious, I was repressing a lot of stuff from my past, I was in an unhappy relationship, my mind-body connection was practically non-existant and my career wasn’t going anywhere. Within one session I knew that this was something I desperately needed in my life. Cinthia is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. She has used reiki, crystals, aromatherapy oils, cupping, and of course acupuncture to bring my body and mind back to health. She knows exactly what’s plaguing me before I even say it sometimes! Cinthia opens up and balances my chakras, and such positivity has flowed into my life due to that. I have never experienced energy work quite like this before, where I can honestly say that my life has changed because of it. My relationship with friends, family, and food are now healthy and balanced. I am in a VERY loving and healthy relationship. My career has never been better. I am the strongest I’ve ever been, from the inside out. I’m a new person. Pura healing has a warmth to it, an energy that just feels like I’m “home” from the second I enter the doorway. I go once a month, and each visit is so different from the last. The best investment I’ve ever made in myself! Thank you, Cinthia.”


Change is in the air


So many times in my life I’ve been resistant to change. Looking back I realize I was depriving myself of growth and the opportunity to really be happy. I’ve learned to embrace change and trust that God/life/the universe is on my side. It isn’t always easy; those deep seated fears still creep up and I do my best to face them and move forward. 2014 feels like the year of letting go of anything that no longer serves us. If you fear change and letting go; you are not alone. Trust in the master plan and I promise you will be just fine.







Negar S.

Cinthia Rivas is a true healer.  I have been seeing her for about a year and a half more multiple issues including TMJ. She is a skilled acupuncturist who takes the time necessary to work with her patients. 
She and her magic needles also helped me during my training for a 1/2 marathon.  She has introduced me to other healing methods including Cupping and Reiki.  


Jakky N.

I’ve been having some overall ‘Lady’ health problems. After ONE session with Cinthia I got results. I couldn’t believe it, I mean I’ve had this particular problem for years and it only took one session with her to get results. I am also DEATHLY afraid of needles so this was definitely a big step for me. 
On our first visit I was not prepared to get needles that moment, but Cinthia talked me through the whole process and now I LOVE IT!! and I’m the person who always asks how many? where are they going? etc..
Cinthia is seriously amazing. She really knows what shes doing. I’m so so happy that I found her!